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Eney Jones portrait
Mountain Mermaids is a company owned and managed by Eney Jones, a model, triathlete, patent holder of the EneyBuoy and nationally ranked pool and open water swimmer.

Mountain Mermaids provides coaching services for pool and open water swimmers, it leads swimming adventure tours, designs and sells mer suits, and produces training videos.

[edit] The Mountain Mermaid Legend

Once upon a time there was a beautiful mermaid who lived by the sea. One day she went on vacation and met a mountain man. The mermaid and the mountain man fell in love and moved high above the sea. The mermaid loved him but missed the sea. Her skin became dry, and sensitive to the sun. Luckily she met other mermaids living out of their element and a new company was formed. They called it Mountain Mermaids. Remember it doesn't matter where you live but how you live. Learn to swim, be long and lovely, swim fast easily. Wear our suits and stay in the water longer; protect your skin from the sun. No more damsels in distress, don't wait to be rescued... be your own superhero.

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