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Murray Rose's Malabar Magic Ocean Swim is a charity swim organised by Rainbow Club Australia, a charity that teaches young people with disabilities to swim and find their independence through recreational activities. Its namesake is Olympic swimming hero Murray Rose.

The annual swim in February was started in 2009 and has grown to over 800 participants with Charter Hall as the swim’s main sponsor.

In 2014, the event drew 1,000 participants where the Rainbow Club introduced 4 prizes for disabled competitors to encourage people with disabilities to participate in ocean swims. The prizes are the idea of Neil McLennan who is a paraplegic swimmer who was frustrated a the zero recognition of disabled people in ocean swims

Rainbow Club Australia

Rainbow Club Australia provides children with special needs the opportunity to explore and extend their abilities through sporting and recreational activities for over 40 years. Rainbow Club facilitates swimming lessons for children with disabilities, supporting 18 local clubs that meet on a weekly basis.

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