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Nace Majcen is a swimming coach with the Rok Kerin Swim Academy, together with Rok Kerin, Severin Lipovšek, and Nina Gramc.

Majcen has over 20 years of world-class professional swimming career and has spent more than ten years as a swimming coach out of which eight years as the coach of the Slovenian national team in open water swimming. In his illustrious swimming career, he was a European champion in 25 km marathon swimming, 4th in the 1991 FINA World Championships in 25 km marathon swimming race, a participant in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, and a winner of multiple awards from the Mediterranean Games.

Majcen was a pioneer in open water swimming in Yugoslavia and he participated in all major swimming marathons all over the world. His extensive swimming experiences are now being passed on to younger members of his own swimming club and while he is a cooperative assistant in the Rok Kerin Swim Academy's programmes and open water swimming programmes.

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