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Scott Zornig, founder of the OC Coast to Coast Boast, Master of the Seas and Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association
The OC Coast To Coast Boast is an 11-day stage swim of 40.99 miles (65.9 km) along the entire Orange County coastline in Southern California. First completed in 2001 by Scott Zornig and Craig Taylor, the second OC Coast To Coast Boast will be held on subsequent weekend days in the summer of 2013.

All swims start at 7 am.

Leg 1 on June 1st: 3.16 miles from Seal Beach to Sunset Beach
Leg 2 on June 2nd: 3.27 miles from Sunset Beach to Seapoint Street near Huntington Beach Cliffs
Extra swim on June 8th: Swim For The Cure in San Clemente and the Huntington Beach Pier swim Leg 3 on June 15th: 3.55 miles from Seapoint Street to Beach Blvd. in Huntington Beach
Make-up Day on June 16th: Make-up opportunity if you missed one of the first 3 legs
Leg 4 on June 22nd: 4.21 miles from Beach Blvd. in Huntington Beach to Newport Pier in Newport Beach
Leg 5 on June 23rd: 2.96 miles from Newport Pier to The Wedge in Newport Beach
Leg 6 on June 29th: 4.6 miles from The Wedge to El Moro
Make-up Day on July 4th: Alternative opportunity swim if you missed any of the previous swims
Leg 7 on July 6th: 3.26 miles from El Moro to Oak Street in Laguna Beach
Alternate day: July 7th July 13th-14th: Off for the Semana Nautica and/or Newport Pier to Pier swims
Leg 8 on July 20th: 5.35 miles from Oak Street in Laguna Beach to the Ritz-Carlton Make-up Day on July 21st: Alternative opportunity Leg 9 on July 27th: 3.39 miles from the Ritz-Carlton to Doheney State Beach
Leg 10 on July 28th: 4.55 miles from Doheny State Beach to the San Clemente Pier
Leg 11 on August 3rd: 2.69 miles from San Clemente to the Beach Trail

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