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Honolulu Lifeguards
Ralph Goto, Head Administrator
The Ocean Safety and Lifeguard Services Division of the City & County of Honolulu in Hawaii provides ocean lifeguard, public safety rescue services principally at nineteen beach parks on Oahu - the majority of which are under the jurisdiction of the City and County of Honolulu.

The division is headed by Ralph Goto and is staffed by 91 full-time Ocean Safety Officers (i.e., lifeguards). Full-time staff is augmented by 90 to 100 part-time, contract hire lifeguards who work on weekends, holidays and to fill-in for staff leaves. The division is headed by Goto and key administrative, secretarial and clerical support personnel.

Ocean Safety Officers perform approximately 1100 rescues annually at guarded beaches. They cover about forty-nine miles of beach front and adjoining ocean aquatic areas of the one hundred ninety-eight miles plus of Oahu's island coastline - with an estimated annual beach attendance of 17.5 million persons. Accident prevention is a key aspect of professional life guarding where the lifeguards annual take 226,922 preventative actions.

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Ocean Safety and Lifeguard Services Division

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