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One World One Ocean
The story of One World One Ocean begins with a family of filmmakers who have been making documentary IMAX Theatre films for the past thirty years in far-off places like the top of Mt. Everest, the ice caves of Greenland, the Nile river, and the deep-ocean reefs of the South Pacific.

Led by filmmaker/surfer/diver Greg MacGillivray, who got his start making surfing films in the 1960s and who later co-founded MacGillivray Freeman Films in Laguna Beach, this production team including son Shaun MacGillivray, had an amazing string of successes, producing many of the most popular and successful IMAX Theatre films in history. Three of these films were about the ocean, and two of them — The Living Sea and Dolphins — were nominated for an Academy Award.

Then MacGillivray and wife Barbara heard oceanographer Sylvia Earle warn that the ocean is at a tipping point; that human actions taken in the next ten years will determine the ocean's fate for the next 10,000 years. Along with their son Shaun, they decided they needed to do more to help protect the ocean they all loved. They created the One World One Ocean Foundation with a pledge to build a movement to restore the ocean by doing what they do best — inspiring people to action with great storytelling and filmmaking.


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