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* [ Marathon Swimming Is Trending In Open Water]
* [ Marathon Swimming Is Trending In Open Water]
* [ Online Guide To Swimming Across Molokai]

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Open water swimming at the world championships
World 10K silver medalist Andrew Gemmell
Open water swimming in Canada
Open water swimming in the Cayman Islands
Open Water Source is a compilation of open water swimming information and multimedia content for the open water swimming community. Its staff has developed unique databases, proprietary informational resources and entertaining mobile apps that educate, motivate and stimulate swimmers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Its staff travels the world participating in, advising for, observing or reporting on open water swims and trends and open water swimmers, both amateur and professional, which enables them to present its content and vision.

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Openwaterpedia is like Wikipedia for the Open Water Swimming World

Openwaterpedia is a unique, comprehensive, multi-lingual online reference and research tool for the endurance sports, triathlon and aquatic community. Anyone can enter or amend information in Openwaterpedia. It is great for research, reference and enhancing one's knowledge and appreciation of the sport. Currently 10,595 different entries in Openwaterpedia.

Swimmers, coaches, reporters, administrators, officials and fans can look up, learn, input and edit all kinds of open water swimming information.

Interested individuals can

It is the most comprehensive online project ever undertaken in the history of the sport. With the support of the global community, Openwaterpedia can provide the informational infrastructure of the sport for generations to come.

Add Yourself and Your Favorite Open Water Swimming Events

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Openwaterpedia Unveiled at Columbia University

Featured Videos

Dr. Sam Freas on the Future of Open Water Swimming

Click HERE to access the full-length interview.

Open Water Swimming: From Restaurant Napkin to the Olympics

Click HERE to access the full-length presentation.

Young At Heart: Sue Oldham is the Oldest Woman to Swim the English Channel

Click HERE to access the full-length interview.

The Flowers Sea Swim, one of the world's greatest open water swimming events
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