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Padraig Mallon is an Irish open water swimmer.

He is one of the organisers of the 2013 Irish Marathon Swim Series as well as lead organiser with Aoiffe Lynch for the successful Camlough Lake Water Festival in Camlough Lake in the hills of South Armagh, Newry, Northern Ireland.

Padraig enjoys being in, on, or around water but most of all at play in the sea with swimming, kite surfing and sailing as some of his accolades.



English Channel Relay Swim


In 2009, Padraig participated in a successful 6-person English Channel crossing, 'POKOS STAG' was the team name. The team consisted of Milo McCourt, Aoiffe McCourt-Lynch, Micky Lynch and brothers Sean, Martin and Padraig Mallon.

Guinness Book of World Records

Padraig is one of three masterminds who thought up the Guinness World Record relay relay in Camlough Lake which, with the support of the entire community at and around Camlough Lake made Guinness Book of World Records. The record started on the 9th September, 2009 and ran until the 19th September, 2009. The pre-existing record was broken by the relay swim team which consisted of 200 swimmers at Camlough Lake in South Armagh on Wednesday 16th September 2009. The team beat the world record for a 'continuous long distance relay swim' after embarking on the world beating attempt over a week before.

Two hundred swimmers from across Ireland took part in the challenge.


Pictured are the team on day one of the swim - before the start. As a prerequisite for the attempt Guinness World Records specify that all those participating in the event must be present on the first day to witness the start. Camlough set the record at 680 km. (Still held 01.10.2013).


Robben Island to Three Anchor Bay Swim

Padraig swam Cape Town's Robben Island to Three Anchor Bay South Africa swim with Cape Long Distance Swimming Association


IRONMAN - could I go the distance

Padraig competed in Challenge Barcelona - Maresme in Spain 3.8K Swim 180K Bike and 42K Run in a time of 13.33.46


North Channel Relay Swim

Also in 2010, Padraig participated in a 6-person North Channel crossing.

'Camlough Lake' was the team name. The team consisted of Irene Kennedy, Paul McCambridge, Aoiffe McCourt/Lynch, Mickey Lynch, Martin Mallon and Padraig Mallon.




Padraig competed in IRONMAN AUSTRIA 3.8K Swim 180K Bike and 42K Run in a time of 13.23.25



North Atlantic Ocean sailing

Padriag sailed from Nassau Bahamas to Lagos with Terry and Carol Hogan on 'COMMON SENSE Catalina c42'. The crossing took 39 days and covered 4078 Nautical miles taking in the Bermuda Triangle.




In July 2012, Padraig ran in a relay as part of the KEEPONRUNNING Guinness World Record - Consisting of a team of 200 runners a total distance of 3504.28 miles no stop over 16 days was ran and no one dropped the baton!

Dedications what ya' need if you wanna be a record breaker !

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Russian Winter Swimming Championships

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Padriag trained tirelessely enabling him to travel and take part in the much acclaimed Russian Winter Swimming Championships in Tyumen, Siberia - with a water temperature of 0.5degrees. The biggest challenge for Padriag and his team mates was the minus 33 degree air temperature. Freezing to the face, feet to ice and hands to ladder - was a surreal experience.

Padraig came 3rd in one of the Russian Winter Swimming Championship races.


Ice Swim - Camlough Lake

In January 2013, Padraig would become Ireland's third overall and first Male Ice swim Ice Swimmer and International Ice Swimming Association member - Number 36.

Pictured below is Camlough lake, Co. Armagh N.Ireland on the cold Sunday afternoon in January 2013. The temperature checks needed to be thorough and 3 temperature readers were used to ensure that the temperature was correct.

Padraig is pictured in the main image during his 1000m swim with images of Micky Lynch and Andrew Coyle during their respective distances. As with any swim and especially an ice swim the support crew are a crucial factor for the swimmer and it is with thanks to them that Padriag ice swim was such a success. This same team would be at his beck and call during his two successful channel crossings later in the year. A warm fire and a pint of the black stuff awaited the team at their local Doyle's Pub in Camlough later that same evening.

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English Channel Solo Swim 06.07.2013

Padraig completed the crossing of the English Channel on 6th July 2013 in 14 hours 45 minutes.

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North Channel Solo Swim 16.08.2013

Padraig completed the crossing of the North Channel from Ireland to Scotland on 16th August, 2013 in 12 hours and 50 minutes. The North Channel, (Irish Channel) which is included as one of the “Oceans 7 swims” lies between the North of Ireland and the Mull of Galloway and is a distance of 18.6 nautical miles (35 km.) reference “Admiralty chart number 2198”

Pictured below is Padraig as he made Landfall in Scotland, UK


Padraig is the 3rd person to have swam the English Channel and the North Channel in the same season - remarkably only 6 weeks between the two swims. The 1st person to complete this successful duo was Kevin Murphy in 1970 followed by Alison Streeter in 1988. (From current available information)


Picture below with kind permission of Paul McCambridge. This image was taken of Padraig as he disembarked the boat following his successful North Channel crossing.

Left to right: (name), Bridgeen Mallon (Padriag's Mum), Padriag, Clare Mallon (Padraig's Wife) Billy Walsh (President of the ILDSA), Aoiffe Lynch, Captian ( ) and Andrew Coyle (Observer).

IMG 0212.JPG

2013 Camlough Lake Water Festival CLWF


The CLWF has provided events at Camlough Lake over the past four years with growing popularity and interest under the skillfull reins of Padraig Mallon, Aoiffe Lynch and their team.

This year a staggering 650 people attended the CLWF and the positive reports show the commitment of the team and the local community to making this event such a success.

Open water swimming as a past time is on the increase. Local and national press coverage of CLWF along with the development of the www.clwf.eu website and facebook pages have added to it’s increasing popularity.

The popularity of the event is seen in the attendance of international and national swimmers raising the competitive standards of the events on offer. The ILDSA chose to host the 10K Skins and Wetsuit swim at Camlough Lake.

CLWF has been mostly self funding given the commitment and volunteering of the team, the support from Newry and Mourne District Council, local businesses and entry fees.

About CLWF

CLWF started in 2009 with a 5K swim in Camlough Lake and the first ever night swim this was followed by astounding achievement of the Guinness World Record for Open water swimming in a relay (as previously detailed above).

The CLWF team annually organise 3 sea swims ranging from 1.5k, 3.8k and 8.5k distances and 13 lake swims from 250m up to 10k as well as many more events like Waterpolo, triathlons and aquathons.

The age group is from as low as six up to great grandmothers and grandfathers.

The team prides the events they run with safety as paramount and on helping everyone to achieve their personal goals whether it be 250m, 10k or beyond.

The teams approach is not to focus on the first person, the fastest person or the slowest person, but on each individual person. The premise of not looking to win the Olympics but to have fun in and around water. (Although maybe one day the talented swimmers / triathletes who visit Camlough Lake to train may be on the Olympic Podium!)

We teach them. We train them. We race them. We challenge them.

The Future

If your dreams don't scare you - you are not dreaming big enough !

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