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Pam Lazzarotto swimming around Naples Island in Long Beach, California
Pam Lazzarotto before a long ocean swim in Long Beach, California
Open water swimming jewelry
Pam is an experienced waterwoman. Photo shows her surfing in Costa Rica
Pam Lazzarotto (born 16 April 1962) is a former world-class pool swimmer specializing in butterfly, open water swimmer, swimming coach, and surfer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada currently residing in Long Beach, California. She is the designer for The Swim Bike Run Jewelry collection for the active, outdoor individual (called Pam Lazzarotto Designs).

She was previously coached by Olympic coach Deryk Snelling in Canada and swam at the University of Arizona.

Open Water Swimming

As the Chief Marketing Director for Open Water Source, she currently designs products and manages the Swim Across America Long Beach open water swimming event in Long Beach, California and the Michele Fast Relays and the Michele Fast Memorial Swim @ Naples Island in Long Beach. She also manages its Swimming Wellness program for working adults.



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