Patagonia Extreme Cold Water Challenge

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Patagonia Extreme Cold Water Challenge poster
The Patagonia Extreme Cold Water Challenge was a series of three extreme cold-water swims by five South African men, Ryan Stramrood (37 years), Kieron Palframan (36), Toks Viviers (47), Ram Barkai (53) and Andrew Chin (41). The unprecedented event was nominated for the 2011 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year.

Stramrood, Palframan, Viviers, Barkai and Chin, all members of the International Ice Swimming Association were inspired by Lynne Cox's book, Swimming to Antarctica and successfully completed three extremely cold-water swims in 10 days: 2 kilometers in the Beagle Channel, 2.5 kilometer double crossing of the Strait of Magellan (4°C) and 2.5 kilometers mile around Cape Horn.

All the swims were done in rough water, against strong currents and in water less than 8°C.


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