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Patric Douglas is the CEO of Shark Diver™ where he works with Luke Tipple and Richard Theiss, two other renowned shark divers. Douglas began his 18-year career in adventure tourism escorting 21-day tours through China, Bali, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America both on and off the water. Douglas ventured into television as San Francisco's on screen talent and Bay Area Outdoor Adventure Host on CBS "Evening Magazine". He and his team created and branded Shark Diver™, a world-recognized shark-centric travel company that introduces divers to shark species worldwide.

Shark Diver™

Shark Diver™ pioneered early West Coast shark tourism and shark research integration with a successful 4-year pilot white shark tagging effort involving U.C Davis and Mexico’s CICIMAR at its Isla Guadalupe site. Shark Diver created, branded and launched the non-profit web site raising awareness of sharks worldwide and the need for shark conservation in Mexico. His was the first privately held company to successfully cage dive with Salmon Sharks in Alaska and has consulted on numerous film and television projects and specialized projects ranging from military to robotics. In 2010 Shark Diver™ licensed Shark Diver NZ that is building and branding a newly discovered white shark site in the Southern Hemisphere.

Shark Diver™ is a company owned and managed by well-known shark divers Patric Douglas, Luke Tipple and Richard Theiss. Shark Divers™ and the Shark Divers logo are trademarks of Shark Diver™.

Shark divers

Shark divers are professional divers and shark experts who plan for and provide a safe and protective swimming environment for open water swimmers and others in the water where sharks are known to be. Shark divers work in the tourism industry, television and film industry, and assist open water swimmers in various risk-inherent swims and channel crossings. They provide green shark deterrent protocols for commercial and non-commercial applications worldwide from cage and underwater communications systems to embedded, non-life threatening, shark deterrent systems designed to keep swimmers, divers, tourists, camera crew and television and film talent safe from sharks in demanding ocean conditions.

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