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Patti setting world record across Lake Tahoe
Patti Bauernfeind is a marathon swimmer who holds the world record for swimming lengthwise across Lake Tahoe and she was part of the first and only all-female relay team that swam 30 miles (48.2 km) across the Red Triangle from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Farallon Islands in northern California.

She also attempted to swim 23 miles across Monterey Bay in northern California, U.S.A., but was stopped by multiple jellyfish stings. She has completed a successful crossing of the Catalina Channel in 11:07 in 2011 and the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim on 23 June 2012. She has also assisted other swimmers including Joseph Locke on marathon swims.



"Lots of people have asked me why I do ultra-marathon swims. It’s a good question, but it's hard to express why I do it.

I like the peacefulness of swimming, I like the challenge and dynamic nature of open water swimming since no swim is ever the same. I can’t go past a body of water without wondering what it would be like to swim in it. Since I live in a place that has lots of places to swim — it means that I keep swimming.

Monterey Bay Swim

Patti's 23-mile crossing of the very cold, jellyfish-strewn Monterey Bay can be followed here.

"I am excited to dive in [to Monterey Bay] Tuesday night. I'm even more excited to help raise money for Trust in Education for their efforts in Afghanistan.


The swim across Monterey Bay is on behalf of the Trust in Education.

"Over 150 million children in the world ages 5-14 are deprived of education due to poverty, slavery, sexual discrimination, racial discrimination, racism and religious intolerance. The cost of educating each child in the developing world is about US$1 per month per child. Several global studies show that educating a girl to at least 5th grade education level, is the most significant factor in impoverished societies to decrease infant mortality rates, decrease/stabilize population growth and significantly improve the basic life quality over a generation. The best way to fight poverty and extremism is to educate and empower women and girls.

If you educate a boy, you educate an individual – if you educate a girl, you educate a community''." from an old African Proverb

SF to SB Relay

Baueernfeind is also a member of the Night Train Swimmers that attempted the SF to SB Relay, the world's longest non-stop ocean relay swim attempt (339 miles or 545.4km) from San Francisco to Santa Barbara along the California coast together with Phil Cutti, Dave Holscher, Joe Locke, Kim Chambers and Zack Jirkovsky. Patrick Horn and Captain Vito Bialla also served on the crew. It was halted after 6 days due to bloom after bloom of venomous jellyfish.


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