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Peter Carlisle
Peter Carlisle is the world's most powerful, successful and influential agent in the aquatic sports and action sports world. He represents Olympic hero Michael Phelps, open water swimming world champion Alex Meyer, and four Olympic medalist in snowboarding - Kelly Clark, Ross Powers, Danny Kass and Chris Klug. He negotiated the largest multi-year athlete Olympic endorsement deals (for Phelps with Matsunichi), the world's largest swimming endorsement deal (for Phelps with Speedo), developed Disney's Swim with the Stars following the 2004 Athens Olympics, and served as Executive Producer of Unfiltered, a documentary film that explores the lives and rivalry of Olympic gold medalists Michael Phelps and Ian Crocker.

Carlisle is a member of both the State Bar Associations for Maine and New Hampshire and serves as an adjunct sports law professor at the University of New Hampshire.

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