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Peter Urrea is an American open water swimmer from San Francisco, California. He is the one the oldest successful swimmers of the English Channel. He has completed two of the Southern California Eight and is a member of the Half Century Club and the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming for having swum across the English Channel (14 hours 36 minutes in 1996) and Catalina Channel (13 hours 40 minutes in 1997) and for twice completing a circumnavigation swim around Manhattan Island (1991 and 1998 in 9 hours). He also participated on a North Channel relay from Portpatrick, Scotland to Belfast, Ireland in August 1998 in 13 hours 7 minutes as well as a solo crossing of the Maui Channel in 1995.

In June 1999, he attempted a Strait of Juan de Fuca solo swim but had to be pulled from the water due to very close killer whale pod after 14 miles.

He also participated in a double-crossing relay of the Catalina Channel in 1993 that took 25 hours and a January 1994 relay across the Catalina Channel in 12 hours as well as a relay circumnavigation of the Catalina Island in 1995 in 27 hours.

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[edit] Santa Barbara Channel Half Century Club Members

Of the 53 official solo swims governed by the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association, 24.5% of the swims have been accomplished by these swimmers of the Half Century Club:

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