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* [ Lewis Pugh's Swims In The Southern Ocean]
* [ Lewis Pugh's Swims In The Southern Ocean]
* [ When Ink Freezes Over, You're At The End Of The Earth]
* [ When Ink Freezes Over, You're At The End Of The Earth]
* [ Lewis Pugh's Swims In The Southern Ocean]
* ''Swimming to Antarctica'' by [[Lynne Cox]], Alfred A. Knopf, 2004 ISBN 0-15-603130-2
* [ Lynne Cox's Swim In Antarctica]

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Petermann Island is a small island off the west side of the Antarctic Peninsula of Antarctica, located at 65°10′S 64°10′W.

The 2 km (1.2 mile) long, low-lying island is home to the world's southernmost colony of Gentoo Penguins, and also hosts a number of Adelie Penguins.



The island was discovered by a German expedition of 1873-74, who named it after geographer August Petermann. The French Antarctic Expedition of 1908-10 wintered over aboard ship in a cove on the southeast side of the island, named Port Circumcision because it was spotted 1 January 1909, the traditional day for the Feast of the Circumcision.


Lewis Pugh first swam 1 km in the waters off Petermann Island in 2005 in 18 minutes. He explains, "We expected extreme conditions. At 65° South the sky was grey, the clouds were ominous, and the water was 0°C. The aim was to document what happened to my body during the southernmost long-distance swim ever undertaken. At the start it was snowing heavily; on the way back from the half-way-mark (an iceberg) it was coming down in chunks. Tim Noakes was on the boat under a blanket watching the monitor, while Jonathan Dugas wrote vital statistics on a whiteboard to keep me informed. Suddenly, the information stopped coming. (I didn’t know it, but the pen had frozen!)"


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