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Pilar Geijo, World Champion and 2011 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year
Pilar Geijo, World Champion
Pilar Geijo, FINA Grand Prix Champion
Pilar Geijo (born 19 September 1984 in Buenos Aires) is a world-class marathon swimmer from Argentina who trains under Diego Tricárico at Club River Plate. She was awarded the 2011 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year award by the World Open Water Swimming Association and won Round 1 of the 2012-2013 Great Australian Swim Series.


Marathon Swimming Career

She has dominated the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix circuit during her career and won the 2010 FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix in 2010 and 2011. She was second in the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix circuit in 2012, competing in 7 out of the 8 races on the circuit.

She competed in the 2011 FINA 10KM Marathon Swimming World Cup circuit where she ranked 77th and was voted as the 2011 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year.

She won the 88 km Maratón Hernandarias-Paraná in Argentina on 10 February 2013.


She will be recognized and honored at the 2012 2012 Global Open Water Swimming Conference and the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame induction ceremonies on the RMS Queen Mary on 22 September 2012 in Long Beach, California.

She is also a spokesperson for Gatorade Argentina in its for its Gatorade Heroes Anonimos campaign during 2012. She is coached by her husband Diego Tricarico.

Marathon Swimming Victories

Geijo has won most of the world's greatest marathon swimming competitions. In August 2010, Geijo won the Traversée Internationale du Lac Memphrémagog, the 34K event on the the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix, as well as the 2011 Maratona del Golfo Capri-Napoli Marathon 46^ Edizione. She also won the 16K FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix in April in Sumidero Canyon in southern Mexico as well as the longest race in the world, the 88K Hernandarias-Parana FINA Grand Prix event in her home country of Argentina while setting a new record time of 8 hours and 34 minutes.

Because of her speed and endurance, she often swims side-by-side with the top men. In many race, Geijo explains, "I decide to go with the top men." When the top men start to pick up their pace before the second half of the race, they created a major separation from the rest of the field, including the top women. "It is a big risk because I could lose the men, but I continue [as the lone woman]. I could slow down and swim with the women or I could swim alone. But life has risks."

Image is also important for the personable multi-lingual athlete, "When I finish, I have a big smile. I am very tired [after the long marathon swims], but it is important [for the fans] to see us finish with a smile."

But her victories do not come easy. Geijo swims twice a day doing 15,000 meters per day with additional dryland training three times per week.

Career Results in Spanish

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Distinciones y Premios

Geijo in Video

Geijo on Television

Pilar Geijo, nadadora argentina, campeona del Circuito Mundial de Aguas Abiertas 2010 fue invitada al piso del programa Cuestion de Peso que conduce Claribel Medina por Canal 13 para dar tips de natación y hablar sobre su alimentación. 24 de Diciembre de 2010

Geijo Sponsor

Geijo is sponsored by blueseventy after being ranked second in the 2009 FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix rankings and leading the world rankings in 2010 and 2011. She joins 10-time world professional marathon swimming champion English Channel record holder Petar Stoychev on the blueseventy team.

blueseventy is confident that Geijo will continue to make headlines in open water swimming history, following in the footsteps of great Argentinian marathon swimmers from the past - Horacio Iglesias, Claudio Plit, Diego Degano, Antonio Abertondo, Alfredo Camarero, Pedro Candiotti, Silvia Beatríz Dalotto and Lilian Harrison.

Dean Jackson of blueseventy said, "We’re working with some inspirational athletes at the moment, and are delighted to welcome Pilar to our team. She’s had some great results this year and her input can only help strengthen the development of our bespoke open water swimwear. blueseventy is currently the only manufacturer making suits specifically for open water swimmers. It’s a sport that we are completely immersed in, and we’re genuinely pleased to be working with Pilar, who is as tough as they come in the sport."

2012 FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix Rankings

1. Esther Nuñez Morera (ESP) 96 points in 7 races
2. Pilar Geijo (ARG) 82 points in 7 races
3. Anna Uvarova (RUS) 77 points in 6 races
4. Olga Kozydub (RUS) 52 points in 4 races
5. Silvie Rybářová (CZE) 51 points in 4 races
6. Noelia Petti (ARG) 22 points in 4 races
7. Ivana Sitic (CRO) 20 points in 6 races

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