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Massimo Voltolina
Progetto Adriatico is a 85-kilometer solo swim from Italy to Albania by Massimo Voltolina, a talented endurance athlete who has done many Ironman triathlons and successfully crossed the English Channel.

Progetto Adriatico took place on September 4-5, 2011 and took 23 hours and 44 minutes to complete under Force 4 conditions.

The swim started on Sunday, September 4th at 2:26 pm from Punta Palascia on the coast of Otranto in Italy and ended on the coast of Capo Linguetta in Albania at 2:10 pm the following day. Swimming with a message of peace from the Learn To Be Free association, Massimo Voltolina's Progetto Adriatico was nominated for the 2011 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year.

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