Promontory Point Open Water Swimmers (Chicago)

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The Promontory Point Open Water Swimmers - alternatively known as the Point Penguins or the Ladies in Pink - are an ad-hoc group of people who swim in Lake Michigan near Promontory Point in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Promontory Point, Hyde Park, Chicago. Image by artist Louise LeBourgeois
The Point Swimmers meet weekdays at 6:00am and weekends/holidays at 7:00am, near the iron ladders on the southeast edge of Promontory Point. Point Swimmers are known to swim "between 50 and 50" - i.e., starting when the lake reaches 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the spring, and stopping when the lake drops below 50F in the fall. The typical swim route is between the ladders and the 59th Street Pier, a round-trip of approximately 1500m. In the summer months there is a line of buoys to protect swimmers from marine traffic.

The Point Swimmers also host a New Year's Day Polar Bear Swim (unless the lake is frozen over) and biannual Swims Around the Rocks to celebrate the Summer Solstice and Autumnal Equinox.

Promontory Point is easily accessible from downtown Chicago via the Metra-Electric line (51st/53rd or 55th/56th/57th St stop) or CTA bus (#6, #10, or #X28 lines). Limited free parking is available along S. Shore Dr between 53rd & 55th. Paid parking is available in the lot at the eastern terminus of 55th Street.

Swimmers of all abilities are welcome.

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