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Donbass Open Aquatics Fest
Prychyna Gennadii Anatoljevich is the founder of the Donbass Swimming Masters and organizer of the Donbass Open Aquatics Fest (D.O.A.F.), an aquatics festival held in Donetsk, Ukraine.


Donbass Open Aquatics Fest

Anatoljevich organizes the Donbass Open Aquatics Fest together with Sidorenko Alexander Alexandrovich, a 1980 Moscow Olympic Games gold medalist. Started in 2003 as a small masters swimming competition, the Donbass Open Aquatics Fest is now an international holiday celebrating aquatics sports.

The Festival includes pool swimming, open water swimming, diving, mini water polo, synchronized swimming, eksljuzivnye ("Super Sprint") competition, "Funny Dolphins" for children and adults, "The most beautiful style" competition for the most beautiful style of swimming, clinics hosted by Olympic champions and world-class athletes and coaches.


The Festival is open to all individuals with the following objectives:

- popularization of swimming among all levels
- involvement of former sportsmen and swimming lovers into an active sport life
- defining the best swimmers among veterans, professional and swimming enthusiasts
- improving the skills of the swimming enthusiasts
- strengthening of friendly relations between swimmers and swimming clubs of all countries
- promotion of healthy way of life


D.O.A.F. is a bright meeting of bright people!


The open water swimming competition at the Donbass Open Aquatic Fest was first introduced with two races. On 3 May 2012 in the Dolya Lake which is near the Donetsk and 7 September 2012 in Green Bay in the Black Sea, Novy Svet (Crimea). Swimmers from Ukraine, Russia and European countries took page.

The 2013 races will be held on 12 May 2013 with a distance of 1 km and 2 km.

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