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Henley Swim Classic
Henley Swim Classic
The Queenford Relays are part of the Henley Swim brand. It is a race format designed around swimming and triathlon club members so they can practice open water drafting in the team pursuit event, and give clubs the chance to pit themselves against other clubs in the relays.



H2Open Magazine editor Simon Griffiths says about the event, “Henley Swim have devised yet another format that we think will become hugely popular in years to come. They stand out as an event organiser who are determined bring something different and exciting to swimmers”.

2XU UK Marketing Director Mike Martin says about the event, “Henley Swim have devised yet another fantastic race. We are very pleased to be the wetsuit partner to the Henley Swim series and are enjoy working with such a motivated and enthusiastic race organiser who is going the extra mile to come up with a race which is just a little bit different.”


Teams of 4 will compete over a triangular 1000m course in a relay format. The first team to complete the 4 km relay course will win their category.

Teams of 4 individuals are invited to compete in one of the following categories. The winning team from each category will qualify for a reserved individual slot at the 2012 Henley Swim classic.

- Open men or women
- Masters men or women (aged 45+ on the day of the race)
- Junior men or women (aged 14-18 on the day of the race)
- Traditional men or women (Speedo style swim suit only)
- Mixed - 2 men and 2 women (these can be open, masters or juniors)

After the main event, there will be a chance for a second 'free' swim in a new “Team Pursuit”. Teams of 4 swimmers will start at the same time - with 30 seconds between each team - and swim the 1 km course in track cycling pursuit format. Team members will need to work out and practice how they draft; either at the hip or directly behind; how they communicate with each other, who goes off first and how long each stint at the front will be for?

Event Organisers

Email Tom Kean or Jeremy Laming at henley.swim@gmail.com.

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Event organiser Tom Kean says, “

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