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Ralph S. Collier is the author of Shark Attacks of the Twentieth Century; from the Pacific Coast of North America, Director of the Global Shark Attack (2010 – Present), and President of Shark Research Committee (March 1963 – Present).

Shark Research Committee

Founded in 1963 as a 501 (c) 3, tax-exempt, non-profit scientific research organization, the Shark Research Committee's primary goal was to assist Leonard P. Schultz of the Smithsonian Institution in documenting shark attacks from the Pacific Coast of North America. This initial objective was soon broadened to include conducting original research on the general biology, behavior and ecology of sharks indigenous to waters off the Pacific Coast, with particular emphasis on potentially dangerous species.

Early in this research, it was determined that the White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) was the species indicted for the majority of shark attacks recorded along the Pacific Coast of North America. As a consequence, a preponderance of the data gathered by the Shark Research Committee over the last five decades on shark/human interactions from the West Coast relates specifically to the White Shark. In fact, the White Shark is deemed responsible for, or highly suspect in, 87% of all recorded unprovoked shark attacks on humans that occurred off the Pacific Coast during the 20th century.

Results from some of the Shark Research Committee's research on shark attacks along the Pacific Coast of North America have been published in scientific journals and a definitive new reference book, "Shark Attacks of the Twentieth Century - from the Pacific Coast of North America."

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