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Rebecca Jarre and Katherine Elkington at the Big Chill Swim in Windermere, England
Rebecca Jarre is a British ice swimmer from Manchester, England who participated in the Big Chill Swim in Windermere, England. She will also participate in the 26 km Swim of Peace Ouma - Djerba (Ouma of Djerba) on 2 June 2013 together with Nejib Belhedi, Adam Walker, Haydn Welch, Jackie Cobell, Nicola Fraser, Silke Fraser, Dave Cobell, Thomas Noblett, Claire Noblett, Keith Bartolo, Gabriele Galli, and Mauro Giaconia.

[edit] Swim of Peach Ouma - Djerba

The 26 km Ouma of Djerba is held on Djerba Island and is organized by Nejib Belhedi with the support of the Djerba Ulyss Association, together with a music concert managed by Ahmed Rhouma. There are 5 main circuits where the swimmers will be simultaneously swimming:

The goal is for 1,000 swimmers to complete an average of 2 km during the 2-hour time period for a cumulative total of 2,000 km.

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