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Boneyards, site of the Shell Festival Sea Swim in South Africa. Photo by Clive Wright.
Rebecca Newman is a South African open water swimmer who competed in the first annual 2.5 km Shell Festival Sea Swim, a 2.5 km swim through Boneyards at Jeffreys Bay in the Eastern Province of South Africa.

Rebecca has completed the 8 K Bell Buoy Challenge in Port Elizabeth and won the inaugural 25 K swim at the 2010 Marina Mile in Jeffreys Bay. She was also the first woman home in the 2012 Jeffreys Bay Swim Challenge, a 4 K swim held along the surf zone in Jeffreys Bay.

2012 Shell Festival Sea Swim results

1. PJ Duffey and Siegfried Lokotsch: 38:05
3. Buff van Westenbrugge: 41:30
4. Caro de Jager: 41:35
5. Kevin Grey: 41:45
6. Rebecca Newman: 46:21
7. Richden Jute: 46:25
8. Ralph West: 51:35
9. Kendal Wright: 55:35
10. Isabeau Joubert: 1:01:35
11. Brenton Williams (butterfly) 1:01:40
12. Rebecca Baard: 1:01:55

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