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Relay exchange during the Maui Channel Swim from Lanai to Maui
4-person English Channel relay with Imelda Lynch (far left), Patrick Sheehan (second from left), Coach Eilis Burns (middle), Oswald Schmidt (second from right), and Eddie Irwin (far right)
noun - A relay is an athletic competition with more than 1 athlete as part of the team. During an open water swimming relay race like a team pursuit competition, members of a team can take turns (legs) swimming for a specific duration of time or distance. Each individual on the team swims legs on the relay with exchanges or change-overs when one swimmer replaces the other during the course of a relay.


Pool Relays

A pool swimming relay consists of four swimmers who swim all freestyle or each individual stroke: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle.

Types of Open Water Relays

Well-known Relay Swims

Tandem Santa Cruz Relay Video

Tsugaru Channel Relay Video

Video of Chris Kraus, Rick Gaenzle and Brian Ross relay crossing of the Tsugaru Channel courtesy of Masayuki Moriya of Ocean-navi and the Tsugaru Channel Swimming Association

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