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River Thames Open Water Swim Series is organised by Martyn Edwards of F3 Events, WaterAid and the RNLI and is an open water swim series along the River Thames. The locations of the swim series have been specifically chosen, not only for their natural beauty, but also to provide maximum participant and spectator value. Friends and family members will be able to walk along the banks for the River Thames and Dorney Lake, and watch the whole event unfold and cheer on the participants. Its last event includes a 10 km marathon swim in Lake Bray.


[edit] Distances

750m, 1500m, 1.9 km, 3 km, 3.8 km and 5 km.

[edit] 2011 Events

20 May 2011 – Royal Windsor Swim
14 July 2012 – Marlow River Swim
18 August – Henley On Thames River Swim
8 September 2012 – BIG SOUTH Eton Swim

[edit] 2012 Events

[edit] 2013 Events

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