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Roger Parsons of Great Britain and Spain was inducted in 1997 as an Honour Administrator in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame. His wife is fellow International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honour Administrator Valerie Parsons.

FINA and the Olympics

When FINA formed a commission to study the feasibility of adding open water events to their program, Parsons was selected to represent England on the FINA Open Water Commission and was largely responsible for adapting the British Long Distance Swimming Association and Channel Swimming Association rules into the FINA Open Water Swimming Rules.

Parsons was also a representative who was a member of the initial FINA Open Water Commission that studied the possibility of adding open water swimming to the Olympic Games. He served on this commission together with Monier Sabre (Egypt), Berry Rickards (Australia), Jaroslav Novak (Czech Republic), Dale Petranech (USA), with Gunnar Werner (Sweden) serving as the FINA Bureau Liaison.

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