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Ocean Care Solutions
Ron Adley is a senior executive with Ocean Care Solutions in Rocklin, California. He is responsible for its distribution and sales of Portuguese Man-o-War, Stingray, Sea Urchin and Fire Coral first aid kits.


[edit] Ocean Care Solutions

Ocean Care Solutions products have been designed to meet medical and marine science first aid protocols for these animal stings specific to each injury. Its easy-to-use kits, complete with everything necessary to effectively treat an injury, sets a new standard in marine sting treatment for the consumer.

Its first aid kit contents and protocols site the latest medical and scientific data and years of field research from “Medicine for the Outdoors” authored by emergency medicine physician Dr. Paul S. Auerbach, MD, MS, FACEP, FAVVM. Dr. Auerbach is a professor of Surgery at Stanford University and one of the world’s leading authorities in wilderness and emergency medicine.

Ocean Care Solutions has work with many top American and international scientific and medical professionals including Dr. Auerbach and marine biologist Chad Widmer, formerly with the Monterey Bay Sea Aquarium and a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland to develop its product lines including its specially formulated jellyfish sting first aid product. Outdoor and marine emergency physicians support the Ocean Care Solutions first aid protocol that meet all the FDA supported guidelines and are certified for use within FDA approval.

[edit] Ocean Care Solutions Background

Ocean Care Solutions' first aid kits were developed by Kevin Freeman from his desire for comprehensive, science based marine sting first aid products. Kevin, a certified diver, outdoorsman, regular beach visitor and long time entrepreneur, realized there were no convenient, proven medically effective, first aid products for stings from the Man of War, the Sea Urchin, the Stingray and contact with Fire Coral.

Over the past two years, he searched for the most effective medical protocol for marine animal injuries while consulting with international and U.S. marine science and emergency medical communities to specifically develop the definitive Gold Standard for sea sting injuries.

Through painstaking study and medically documented first aid protocol research, Ocean Care Solutions is delighted to offer a comprehensive line of marine sting first aid products. OCS product range and effective quality products represent the next generation in safe, valuable marine sting first aid. No more myths, home remedies or guesswork.

Lidocaine free, safe, effective and medically supported first aid in our distinctive and recyclable gold foil kits brings Solutions to Life on your next dive, snorkel, windsurfing, kayak and beach adventure. Ocean Care Solutions is your source for Marine Sting First Aid Relief from a variety of stingers. Ask for it by name at your favorite retail, beach, surf, dive and sporting good outlets or order online at and enjoy your day at the Ocean with Ocean Care!

[edit] Bio

Adley is from the state of Louisiana and studied Economics and received his B.A. at Louisiana State University in 1972. He spent many years in, on and working platforms in the Gulf along the way. He has been in business for myself since 1978. He opened his first seafood restaurant in Baton Rouge, Shreveport and New Orleans locations. He became very much interested in the marine biological sciences, but learned on the job and from old ship's captains.

Adley moved to California in 1988 and opened his own steel service brokerage house that supplied steel beams to C.C. Myers for major bridge projects throughout the state including Loma Prieta. He won a variety of performance awards. He also owned a small restaurant and partnered in a real estate brokerage firm in the mid 1990's while he remained focused on our ocean's beaches and marine life. He began developing marine sting products been at it ever since. He sold off everything else to focus on jellyfish sting relief products.

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