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* [ Roxy Russell Design Facebook page]
* [ Roxy Russell Design Facebook page]
* [ Jellyfish Can Light Up Your Life]
* [ Jellyfish Can Light Up Your Life]
* [ Top 25 Products And Companies In Openwaterpedia]

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Roxy Russell Design is the creation of Californian designer Roxy Russell whose design themes are inspired by the ocean. She is also very concerned about the fragile state of its very complex eco-system. "The lights are an example of how delicate and beautiful our ocean life is and a percentage of profits is donated to The Ocean Conservancy."

Russell created the Medusae Collection, a jellyfish-inspired lamp collection that includes the Ophelia Pendant Lamp, Medusa Pendant Lamp, Polyp Pendant Lamp, and Hydra Pendant Lamp.

The spectacular lamps range from US$325 to US$425 and are 13 inches in diameter and 36 inches high. They are made by gloss white powder coated aluminum and velum finish polyester mylar.

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