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The Thames Open Water Swim Series offers the Royal Windsor River Swim 950m, 1.9 km and 3.8 km in the Historic Town of Windsor in England. As part of the River Thames Open Water Swim Series, the Royal Windsor River Swim takes in four locations along the River Thames: Barry Lane, Windsor, Berkshire, SL41QX.




From £29

Field Size

The field is limited to 500 participants. Wetsuits are optional.


Located on the Banks of the River Thames, the Royal Windsor River Swim has a slight drag from the current upstream. The event winds its way up the banks of the river just past the motorway under pass. Shortly afterwards ALL competitors turn at the large swim buoy to swim with the current and back towards the start finish area.


A historic destination in South East England combining 1,000 years of history, contemporary shopping and fine dining with sports, leisure activities and events. Windsor itself is home to two of the UK's Top 20 visitor attractions: Windsor Castle and Legoland Windsor along with Eton College, the Changing of the Guard, the Savill Garden, Ascot Racecourse, Royal Windsor Racecourse plus many others.

Thames Open Water Swim Series

2011 Events

20 May 2011 – Royal Windsor Swim
14 July 2012 – Marlow River Swim
18 August – Henley On Thames River Swim
8 September 2012 – BIG SOUTH Eton Swim

2012 Events

2013 Events

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