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Sabrina Muñatones
Steven, Rieko, Sabrina, Skyler, Sydney, and Sofia Muñatones at their hometown of Huntington Beach, California
Sabrina + Munatones = Frito-Lay SABRITONES®, a Frito-Lay brand of puffed wheat snack
Sabrina Muñatones is a senior high school student and a volleyball player (libero) at Huntington Beach High School in Huntington Beach, California, United States of America. She has 3 brothers and sisters: Skyler Munatones, Sydney Munatones, and Sofia Munatones.



Open Water Swimming LLC

Muñatones interned at Open Water Swimming LLC during the summers of 2010 and 2011. She helped organize the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame induction ceremonies at the United Nations and the Global Open Water Swimming Conference at Columbia University in New York City.

KAATSU Training

Muñatones has conducted a research study on the efficacy of KAATSU Training on athletic performance at KAATSU USA LLC. Her research on the moderation of venal blood flow during exercise specifically focuses on improvements in vertical leap and lateral movement on young female volleyball players.


The native of Huntington Beach a beach and indoor volleyball player who is a Japanese-speaking National Honors Society student.


One of Munatones' ancestors was Don José de Mazarredo y Salazar de Muñatones Cortázar, considered to be one of the best Spanish naval commanders of all time who was born in Bilbao, Spain where the Muñatones Castillo is located.


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