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Safe Sea (or Safe-Sea®) is a sophisticated dual protection against the ravages of sun radiation and jellyfish stings and sun radiation, produced and distributed by Nidaria Technology Ltd.

Safe Sea was created by Dr. Amit Lotan, CEO of Nidaria. Amit earned his Ph.D. in biology from the Hebrew University, where he worked with United Nations scientists to research jellyfish sting protection. He established Nidaria in 2001 and has worked closely with such organizations as the U.S. Navy and Israel's Ministry of the Environment to test Nidaria's protective products around the world. His research has been published in Nature and other leading medical journals. For the past 10 years, Dr. Lotan has been collaborating with multi-national companies to provide sunscreen products which enhance safety at the beach.

Marathon Swims

Safe Sea has been used in marathon swims and marathon relays including those in the Sea of Cortez and along the California coast. The Night Train Swimmers used it on their world record relay swim from Santa Barbara to San Diego in 2013 and by Vito Bialla, Richard Earnst, Susan Moody, Mauricio Prieto, Luane Rowe and Antonio Argüelles who will attempt an 88-mile (141.6 km) charity swim and relay across the Sea of Cortez in Mexico on 1 June 2014.

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