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Dr. Sakura Hingley is a member of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming. She completed the Catalina Channel in 2009 in 10 hours 57 minutes, the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in 2010 in 8 hours 24 minutes, the English Channel in 2005 in 11 hours 8 minutes and the Maui Channel and the Strait of Gibraltar among her other marathon swims. She is a Paediatric ST3 at the Royal London Hospital. She studied at Queen Mary, University of London and is a committee member with the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation that governs swims across the English Channel. She has done research on hypothermia in open water swimmers, using the members of the Serpentine Swimming Club as subjects.

She has also participated in three English Channel relays in 2009 in 13 hours 41 minutes, in 2007 in 12 hours 23 minutes and in 2004 in 10 hours 14 minutes.

Dr. Hingley is engaged to be married to fellow marathon swimmer and President of the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation Nick Adams.


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