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Samuel Richards, Jr. was an American open water swimmer who won the 1911 and 1912 Boston Light Swim. Richards won the 1912 race in a time of 5 hours 15 minutes as only 3 swimmers out of 42 entrants completed the race. He represented the L Street Swimming Club in Boston, Massachusetts and was a registered athlete of the New England Branch Amateur Athletic Union.

On 17 August 1913, Richards swam from the Charlestown Bridge to Boston Light and back, an estimated distance of 24 miles. This was the first time the feat had been accomplished. Richards was in the water for over 13 hours. Ten others attempted the swim to Boston Light Swim with only two making the distance. Richards was the only one to even try the return swim.

Richard also attempted to complete a P2P Swim, a 20-mile crossing of Massachusetts Bay, known as the American Channel in 1915.

Swimming Records

Richards was also the first man to swim the Boston Light Swim 14 times and held several records:

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