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Severin Lipovšek is a professional lecturer, nutricist, massage therapist and fitness trainer with the Rok Kerin Swim Academy, together with Rok Kerin, Nace Majcen, and Nina Gramc.

Lipovšek is a professional associate of the Faculty of Sport , where he graduated and completed his specialization in the field of fitness training and is currently completing his doctoral studies. He works as a lecturer involved with various sporting clubs and the Slovenian Athletic Association, and as a consultant for nutrition, trainer and masseur – therapist.

With his knowledge in field of fitness training, nutrition planning and training, he has contributed to the greatest successes of many Slovenian and foreign athletes. He was on the team of a 2008 Beijing Olympic Champion in Athletics (Hammer Throw) Primož Kozmus. He also helped other Slovenian athletes including Polona Hercog (Tennis), Martina Ratej (Athletics), Miroslav Vodovnik (Athletics), Brigita Langerholc (Athletics), Rok Kerin (open water swimming), and many others. He also works with Venezuela, Brasil and other South America athletes.

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