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Shark cage manufactured by Fibber McGee for Skip Storch's solo marathon swim attempt across the Straits of Florida from Cuba to Florida; photo by Tim Johnson
noun - Shark proof cage is an extremely strong metal cage used by SCUBA divers and marathon swimmers to safely either (a) observe, examine or film dangerous types of sharks up close such as the Great White Shark or bull shark, or (b) swim across open bodies of water where sharks are known to exist. Shark cages are built to withstand being rammed by large, powerful sharks.

Open water swims performed with the aid of shark cages are not recognized by most governing bodies and the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.

Patented Shark Cage

On 4 September 1979, US patent number 4166462 was issued for a self-propelled shark proof cage. The cage was designed to allow abalone divers to collect abalone without becoming vulnerable to attacks by sharks. With the propulsion system, the abalone divers would exert themselves less and therefore be able to collect their prey for longer periods of time. The patent abstract details a self-propelled cage with at least one access opening and a propeller mounting frame that carries both an air motor and a propeller. Buoyant objects are attached to the frame so that the cage may be made approximately the same density as saltwater.

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