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Stephen Redmond swimming in the Tsugaru Channel near Shimokita Peninsula on his quest for the Oceans Seven, captured in the film Defeating Oceans Seven by Red Bull Media House
Shimokita Peninsula (下北半島) is the remote northeastern cape of the Japanese island of Honshu in Aomori Prefecture, stretching out towards Hokkaido across the Tsugaru Channel. Administratively the area is a part of Aomori Prefecture. The coasts maintain a thin scattering of population but the interior is practically uninhabited.

Shimokita is best known as the site of Mount Osore, the mythical Japanese location of the entrance to Hell. The lush Yagen Valley, known for its hot springs, is also located in Shimokita, as is Hotoke-ga-ura, wind-carved cliffs said to resemble Buddhas, and the village of Rokkasho, home to a range of nuclear facilities.


Video of Adam Walker crossing the Tsugaru Channel from the Honshu to Hokkaido

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