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(noun) The Sitka Sound Adventure Swim is a 5 km and 10 km roughwater swim in Alaska that is part of the Alaska Open Water Series. The Sitka Sound was first swum by adventure swimmer Claudia Rose.


Race Details

A solo or relay 10 km (6.2 miles) and 5 km (3.1 miles) adventure swim in Sitka Sound with a water temperature range in the mid 50’s. The race will start at the Halibut Point Recreation Area (South Beach) and there will be at buoy at the the 3.1 (5K) mile mark (at the Sitka Sportsman's Club/No Name Creek area). The 10 km course returns to the start area. Maximum time allowed on the course is 4 hours.

The event is open to swimmers 18 years old and older. The age of the swimmer will be determined by the age of the swimmer on race date.


Official Relay Team will consist of 2 or 4 individuals, or a swimmer may enter as an individual.

Teams can be entered as wither all Male, all Female, or mixed. Mixed teams will be made up of any combination of men and women.

In the relay swims, each swimmer’s first leg is 30 minutes. Succeeding legs are 15 minutes per person. The duration of the final leg can be adjusted at the discretion of the team captain, if more than 15 minutes long. If a person cannot finish his or her leg, the boat is allowed to keep its motor on only to keep present position for the duration of that swimmer’s portion. If the next swimmer enters the water before the proper time, the team will be disqualified.


An Escort kayaker is required for solo swimmers and relays to enhance safety and navigation. Swimmers must swim on either the left or the right side of the kayak. No drafting is allowed. Drafting is defined as “the carrying of a swimmer by the wake of the escort boat, or another swimmer.” If any team engages in drafting, and a complaint by another team is lodged and upheld, the drafting team will be disqualified.


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