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Lexie Kelly and El-fish at the Slam the Dam 2012
Jordan Scott and Anna Scott at the Slam the Dam 2012
In October, the annual Slam the Dam competition is held in Lake Mead in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. In 2011, 265 competitors, 85 water craft and 50 volunteers took to Lake Mead National Recreation Area for the Slam The Dam Open Water Swim. 4 countries, 17 states and 41 US Master Swimming Teams were represented. El-fish is the commentator for the event in an event envisioned and dreamed by Kara Robertson.



Slam The Dam races were held against a magnificent desert backdrop and 79ºF water.


GRAND SLAM 8K & 1.2 Mile Southwestern Zone Championship

Andrew Bray, 52 years from Huntington Beach, California, won both the 8K (1:50:25) and 1.2 mile (24:50) race with a combined time of 2:15:16. The record was broken by Deni Cullom in 2012 with a time of 2:05.

Mallory Mead, 25 years from Los Angeles, California, set the woman's record when she won both the Grand Slam 8K (1:52:59) and 1.2-mile (25:02) in 2:18:02. The record was broken by Lexie Kelly in 2012 with a time of 2:14:21.

8K Race

Bill May, 32 years from Henderson Nevada, won the 8K in 1:50:03 in 2011. Andy Dawkins of Indiana won the 8K race in 1:41:53 in 2012. Mallory Mead of Los Angeles, California won the women's 8K in 1:50:32 in 2012.


Kevin Scott, 41 years from Henderson, Nevada, won the combined 2.4-mile (50:03) and 1.2-mile (25:15) races for a total time of 1:15:19.

Meredith Krom, 24 years from Fountain Valley, California, won the Super Slam & 2.4-mile races (56:34). Her 1.2 mile (28:06) gave her a combined total time of 1:21:38.

2.4 MILE

Jan Tichy, 29 years from Fountain Valley, California, set a record in the 2.4-mile race in 49:38.


Kara Robertson of Swim Las Vegas, Nevada’s Premier Open Water and Triathlon Specific U.S. Masters Swim Team, is the race promoter and organizer


1.2 miles, 2.4 miles, 8K



Event Information

Month: October

Event Date: 6 October 2012


Class: Amateur

Wetsuit: Yes

Charity: No


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