Speedo USMS 1-Hour Postal National Championship

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noun - The 1-Hour Postal (short name) or the Speedo USMS 1-Hour Postal National Championship (official name) is a U.S. Masters Swimming sanctioned and supported masters swimming competition held in a pool.



The objective of the Speedo USMS 1-Hour Postal National Championship is to swim as far as possible in one hour in any pool that is 25 yards or longer. Event results are sent in electronically or by mail so participants can compare themselves to other swimmers doing the same event. Some people do the One Hour Postal event for competition, while others do it for fitness; all who wish to participate are welcome. The recorded distance (total yards swum) that swimmers submit determines the order of finish. If two or more swimmers report the same distance, a tie will be declared.


Swimmers swim the Speedo USMS 1-Hour Postal National Championship in any pool 25 yards or longer. Swimmers are asked to submit their split times and final distance in the course that they swam your event. For events swum in meter pools, the final distance will be converted automatically by the online entry system by multiplying the distance swum in meters by 1.0936 and then rounded down to the nearest five yard increment and integrated with the yard distances.

Long Distance Postal Series Challenge

The Speedo USMS 1-Hour Postal National Championship is part of the Long Distance Postal Series. USMS holds five long distance postal championships each year: the One Hour, 5K, 10K, 3000 and 6000 yard events. Swimmers who complete all five championships in the same year will be sent a participation patch to honor their achievement.


Hour Postal Swim, 1-Hour Postal

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