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Steven Hurwitz, 52, holds the record for the fastest two-way Alcatraz Island at 56 minutes. He has been a member of the South End Rowing Club for 14 years and currently serves on the Club’s board of directors. Hurwitz has participated in numerous open water swims, including the ten mile Bay to Breaker swim, the circumnavigation of Manhattan Island, 24-mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim in Florida, Pennock Island in Alaska, the Maui Channel Swim in Hawaii, Swim Around Key West in Florida, the Boston Harbor, and relays across the English Channel and Catalina Channel.

He will also make his 1000th swim from Alcatraz Island on 11 June 2013 together with Gary Emich.

Hurwitz is President of Bay Area Herbs & Specialties, the nation’s premier supplier of fresh culinary herbs and specialty produce. He is husband and father of two teenage children.

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