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noun - The Still Water Eight (or informally Still Water 8) is a group of 8 marathon swims in lakes that is a goal of seriously-minded marathon swimmers who are focused on still-water marathon swims. Successful completion of these 8 marathon swims has never been recorded by a single individual.


[edit] Origin

It was first publicly announced by Michelle Macy in October 2011.

[edit] Categories

Completion of the Still Water 8 can be recorded in three categories:

1. wetsuit
2. non-wetsuit (i.e., FINA approved swim suits)
3. channel-standard swimwear (i.e., traditional swimming briefs for men and no arm or leg coverage for women)

If the swimmer chooses to swim one of the Still Water 8 swims in a wetsuit, they would fall into the wetsuit category. Likewise if they swim in a FINA-approved swimsuit, they fall in that category. If they swim across all the lakes in channel-standard swimwear, then they fall into the channel-standard category.

Every swim attempt must start and finish on dry land.

[edit] 8 Lakes

1. Loch Ness (Scotland): 23 miles (37 km), water temperature averages 50°F (10°C) in season. Known for its deep black and chilling waters.
2. Windemere (England): 10.5 miles (16.9 km), water temperature can be as low as 55°F (13°C) in season. The largest natural lake in England.
3. Lake Zürich (Switzerland): 16.4 miles (26.4 km), water temperature 66.2–75.2°F (19-24°C). This lake has an annual international competition.
4. Lake Tahoe (USA): 21 miles (35.4 km), water temperature is 50–58°F (10–14.4°C). Difficult due to cool water and air temperatures and high altitude (6,225 ft or 1,897 m)
5. Lake Baikal (Russia): 7-10 miles (11-16 km) or blaze a course of equal or greater distance,water temperature can be as low as 50°F (10°C). The world’s oldest and deepest lake is also a UNISECO World Heritage Site.
6. Lake Taupo (New Zealand): 21 miles (34 km), water temperature 51–73°F (11–23°C). The largest lake in New Zealand is located on the North Island.
7. Lake Ontario (Canada): 31.5 miles (51 km), water temperatures are variable in a matter of hours due to wind, between 50–72°F (10-22°C). Difficult swim due to unpredictable wind and currents.
8. Lake Titicaca (Bolivia–Peru): Temperature is 56-58°F (13-14.5°C) and is highest lake in the Americas.

[edit] Synonym

Still Water 8

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