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Sunluver under the direction of Captain Bob and Captain Mitch Olin
Sunluver was built in 2006 and is owned and operated by Captain Bob with the assistance of Captain Mitch. It is a Lagoon 440 with the Owners Suite layout that offers guests a comfortable, enjoyable, and restful stay. Beautifully appointed rooms and countless amenities make Sunluver one of Key West's most desired private yachting experience. The catamaran by design has a more roomy interior and offers a smooth sailing experience without the "heeling" motion of a monohull that often causes seasickness.


Captain Bob and Captain Mitch are both residents of Key West, Florida. The American escort pilots guided Diana Nyad in 2011 and Penny Palfrey in 2012 and Chloe McCardel in 2013 in their attempt to cross the Straits of Florida from Cuba to Florida. Additionally, they also escorted Cynthia Aguilar in her prone paddle across the Straits of Florida in 2011 that took over 29 hours.

Captain Bob holds a USCG 50 ton Master Captains License with a Sailing Endorsement and has been a resident of Key West for over 6 years. Captain Bob spent Sunluver's first 2 years sailing the British Virgin Islands.

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