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Suzie Dods is an American open water swimmer and coach from the San Francisco Bay area. She is the founder and operator of Suzie Dods Swim Coaching. She won the women's division in the 36-mile END-WET marathon swim in about 9 hours on 21 June 2014.


Marathon Swimming Career

Dods has successfully swum across the English Channel on 7 August 2000 in 12 hours 37 minutes and the Catalina Channel in 18 hours 36 minutes in 2010. She has also swum 14 miles across the width of Lake Tahoe in 1988 and the length of Lake Tahoe in 1989. She was on two English Channel relays in 1992 and 1993 and swam 12 miles around Coronado Island in San Diego, California in 1996. In 2002, she swam across the 15 km Maratona dei due mari in Sicily, Italy, 26.2 km International Self-Transcendence Marathon-Schwimmen across Lake Zurich in Switzerland in 2004, a 9-mile swim in Tampa Bay, Florida in 2005, the 8.2-mile Great Salt Lake Open Water Marathon, a solo 8-mile swim around Pennock Island in Ketchikan, Alaska, and the 36-mile END-WET from North Dakota to Minnesota.

24 Hour Swim Relay in San Francisco

Dods is the visionary and race director of a 24-hour non-stop open water swimming relay in Aquatic Park in San Francisco, California. The 24 Hour Swim Relay in SF is a 4-person non-stop open water swimming relay held on 8-9 February 2014 for a total of 75 open water swimmers.


The Extreme North Dakota Watersports Endurance Test or END-WET, is a 36-mile (57.9 km) mixed-sports event where solo and relay open water swimmers pit themselves against other endurance athletes down the Red River between North Dakota and East Grand Forks, Minnesota in the United States. It is one of the longest marathon swims in the world. The event is organized and directed by Andy Magness.

Catalina Channel Crossing

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