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Swim Art offers year-round open water swimming programs in the San Francisco Bay, and beyond. Founded by Leslie Thomas, Swim Art holds weekly group swims, instructional clinics, and special Expedition swims in different locations. It is the only company offering a wide range of recreational Expedition swims in San Francisco Bay.


[edit] Mission

Because swimming is an art. It is an easy and gentle form of exercise. It offers great peace of mind and excellent physical health. It is relaxing and easy on your body. It is a necessary part of completing a triathlon. And swimming is something you can do for the rest of your life.

Swim Art is a professional guiding company. It does all of the safe and legal things to run swims in the Bay: Coast Guard permits; escort motor boats and kayaks; safe boat-to-swimmer coverage; best tides and jump times according to the tide book.

[edit] Groups Swims

These are structured training swims led by on-the-water coaches. Most of are swimmers are out to have fun, train hard, practice their open water skills, acclimate to the cold, and avoid smelling like chlorine. We offer workout elements and drill work at each swim and are always happy to watch your technique and give feedback if asked to. The program includes:

Monday Night Swims at Aquatic Park every other Monday night, from March 14 through October 24, 2011

Wednesday Night Swims at Treasure Island every other Wednesday night

Saturday Swims at Aquatic Park on select Saturdays throughout the season

[edit] Open Water Expedition Swims

Swims vary in length and difficulty. Spectators are invited to ride in the boat on most, but not all, swims. Most trips begin and end at Aquatic Park,

[edit] Coach Leslie Thomas

Leslie Thomas has been swimming her whole life and finds great peace and joy being in the water. In 1997 she was introduced to open water swimming on Long Island, and from the first swim she was hooked! Since then she has swum various distances in open water all over the world. Most recently she competed in the 2008 Rottnest Channel Swim off the coast of Perth, Western Australia, and in June 2009 swam the 12-mile Swim Around Key West. In 2007 she swam in the Tampa Bay Marathon for the second time, after winning the event in 2005. She also piloted a friend in October of 2005 on a successful English Channel swim and in June 2007 on a Manhattan Island Swim.

Thomas is a certified USA Triathlon Level 1 coach and was head swim coach for the See Jane Run all-women triathlon team for five years. She was also a coach and weekend workshop leader for Total Immersion for six years.

A native Californian, Leslie has lived in Pennsylvania, New York, and Germany. She has a degree in Biology from Bryn Mawr College and worked in academic publishing for nine years.

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