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Swim Safety Device or the SafeSwimmer™ Float
noun - SafeSwimmer™ Float, also called the Swim Safety Device or the ISHOF SaferSwimmer™ Float or SaferSwimmer, is a branded, lightweight inflatable waterproof bag that visibly floats behind an open water swimmer. The device is easily pulled along by the swimmer, creates minimal drag, and can hold one’s valuables (e.g., wallet, money, mobile phones, shoes, clothes, towel) as well as be used in emergencies as a flotation device. The brightly colored device, created by Bruce Wigo, of the International Swimming Hall of Fame is also easily visible to lifeguards, boaters and others along the shore. The Swim Safety Device solves a number of problems. Open water swimmers and triathletes can swim point-to-point and have all these personal items completely dry and safe with them.

The float is used at a variety of open water swims including the Sun Moon Lake International Swimming Carnival, the Midmar Mile in South Africa, and Lucky's Lake Swim in Lake Cane, Florida.



The SafeSwimmer™ Float is specifically designed to provide a safety aide for open water swimmers, serving three important functions without hindering performance or hindering your stroke. When considering personal safety and peace of mind for you and those who care about you consider the following advantages of this device:

1) It makes swimmers visible to boaters, jet skis, kite boarders or other potential human hazards while swimming
2) It can be used as a flotation device when swimmers need it in the case of cramps, dizziness or injury and it can also be used to rescue others
3) It can also keep swimmer's stuff safe while swimming or allows them to take along their stuff on one-way swims across rivers or lakes

There are also a few not so obvious uses of the float:

4) Since it keeps items dry inside the drybag, a swimmer can also use a regular smartphone to track the swim instead of an expensive GPS device or watch
5) During group swims, if faster and slower swimmer tows the float behind them, the group can see the start and end of the pack and can easily navigate the ruote


The International Swimming Hall of Fame’s SafeSwimmer™ Float comes in two sizes. While both will keep a grown adult buoyant the main differences between the SF-04 and SF-06 are that the SF-06 is able to carry more “stuff” and has a slightly higher profile in the water.


There are two types of materials SafeSwimmer™ Float is made out of: PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). The PVC float is perfectly fine for majority of swimmers. The TPU on the other hand is a heavy duty durable float which will withstand even the worse care. The swimmer will have to try very hard to puncture it.


A final point to consider. Unlike running, when a swimmer suffers a stroke, heart attack or unconsciousness you sink and disappear below the water. As a recent incident at Christmas Lake in Minnesota demonstrated, when observers saw the SafeSwimmer™ Float not moving, it alerted them in time to revive and save the life a swimmer who otherwise could have been added to the not insignificant number of open water swimmers who have drowned in recent years. Most notably, the great American open water swimmer, Fran Crippen.


Swim Buddies, Swim Buddy, personal float, Swim buoy, tow float, swim safety device, SaferSwimmer


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