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Swim with Pedro are weekly open water swimming workouts coached by the renowned Pedro Ordenes of Water World Swim, a renowned cold water swimmer, coach and open water swim organizer based out of San Francisco Bay.


[edit] Workouts

Swim with Pedro are held Thursdays at 6:00 pm March through September and Sundays at 10:00 am year round. The workouts are held at Aquatic Park at Hyde and Jefferson at a cost of US$15 for drop-in registration and US$10 after first session. The sessions are free for Water World Swim members

All levels of swimmers are welcome. It is a non-competitive, non-threatening group with most participants preparing for upcoming competitions.

[edit] Equipment and Escorts

Bring Mack’s earplugs, a thermal swim cap, goggles, towels, a thermos of something hot to drink and a good attitude. Swims are piloted by experienced kayakers. Participants are divided into groups according to the individual's capability and interest.

[edit] Pedro Ordenes

Ordenes has done and organized open water swims around the world including those in San Francisco Bay. He is the inspiration and instructor of the Swim with Pedro Weekly Workouts. Among his many cold water accomplishments, Ordenes swam the Strait of Magellan in 1999 in 39°F with 35 mph winds and 3-5 feet swells against 12-14 knot currents. He also did over 500 Alcatraz Island crossings and a double crossing of the Beagle Channel between Chile and Argentina.

[edit] Video

[edit] References

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