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T. Wiley Sports, run by Todd Wiley, holds Bucks County OW Swim Clinics offering on open water swimming clinics aimed toward triathletes, primarily for IronMan events.

[edit] TWiley Sports Philosophy

Our goal is to grow endurance sports both in the individual and the community. We do this by providing athletes with personalized training programs tailored to their needs to help them achieve their highest potential at their target races. We feel this can be achieved by communicating with our athletes through written and hands on training programs.

At the community level we provide events, camps and clinics to athletes from the junior level athlete to the athlete that just wants to learn more about endurance sports.

We provide performance testing for athletes to meet their maximum potentials while training and racing throughout the year.

[edit] Details

Location: Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Country: USA

Region: Pennsylvania

Contact Name: Todd Wiley

E-mail: Todd@TWileySports.com

Telephone: office – 215.766.8623 mobile – 215.262.6863 

Event Dates:

Website: Official Website

Class: Clinic

[edit] References

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