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TULessons by TeamUnify
TULessons is a web-based online and in-person class management system created by TeamUnify. It is built on TeamUnify's powerful SwimOffice swim team management platform. TULessons enable any size program to dramatically improve how classes and payment processing are managed. Program administrators can view class loads, wait lists, instructor schedules, administer changes, charges, and class-to-class moves with ease enabling the business of running a class or lessons program easy and powerful.


TeamUnify is a company founded by Tom Fristoe and headquartered in Bend, Oregon in the United States. It has developed an innovative platform designed specifically for the sport of swimming and its swimming teams, athletes, parents and administrators. TeamUnify delivers centralized business processes that are easy to use. SwimOffice and its suite of seamlessly integrated products helps swim team manage themselves.

TeamUnify offers a family of revolutionary mobile products called OnDeck that enables the organization of swim meets with TouchPad, fund-raising with TUMoney, management of swim lessons with TULessons, sales of reasonably-priced gear with GetOutSwim.com.

TeamUnify is now used by over 2,000 swim teams around the world.

TeamUnify Platform

The TeamUnify platform is designed specifically for swimming and delivers centralized business process optimization that's easy to use. SwimOffice and our suite of seamlessly integrated products will help every swim team manage themselves better. From its family of revolutionary mobile products called OnDeck to running swim meets with TouchPad, raising more money than ever thought possible with TUMoney, managing swim lessons with TULessons and selling low cost gear with GetOutSwim.com; TeamUnify continues to establish new standards for how swim teams will manage themselves more effectively with less effort.

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