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noun - Tactical Knowledge is a key element of the Pyramid of Open Water Success. Tactical Knowledge is the study and understanding of the dynamics of open water racing and the knowledge of why and how packs get formed and why they take on certain shapes. Competitive open water swimmers and coaches must understand, for example, why and how packs get strung out, where swimmers should tactically place themselves in the pack at different points during the race and the importance of hydration and feeding station techniques. These tactics should be reviewed while observing successful open water swimmers through film so questions can be asked and different scenarios can be studied.


Pyramid of Open Water Success

The Pyramid of Open Water Success is an open water swimming training concept developed by Steven Munatones. Its purpose is to educate and inspire open water swimmers and coaches to comprehensively prepare themselves or open water swimmers or triathletes to properly train for all aspects of the sport of open water swimming or the swim legs of triathlons.

7 elements of the Pyramid of Open Water Success

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Pyramid of Open Water Swimming Success, Seven Essentials of Open Water Swimming Success

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