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The River Thames flows through southern England. It is the longest river in England and the second longest in the United Kingdom. While it is best known because its lower reaches flow through central London, the river flows alongside several other towns and cities, including Oxford, Reading, Henley-on-Thames, Windsor, Kingston upon Thames and Richmond. The river gives its name to several geographical and political entities, including the Thames Valley, a region of England around the river between Oxford and west London, the Thames Gateway, the area centred on the tidal Thames, and the Thames Estuary to the east of London. The tidal section of the river is covered in more detail under Tideway.

The Thames is site of numerous open water swimming events and competitions including a stage swimming camp run by SwimTrek and the Thames Open Water Swim Series.

SwimTrek Camp

7 km per day starting at Buscot Lock, England in July.


Email info@swimtrek.com

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